Are you using video to promote yourself or is this something you would like to do? Producing videos of good quality is as important as any other promotional activity that you do. You need to put your best foot forward. If your a musician, songwriter, artist, or any other creative person, you probably do not  have a big budget for video or any other promotional techniques. 

I've been helping musicians for many years in many roles including artist manager, booking music in venues, producing concert series, producing internet radio and TV shows, to name a few. It's in my blood to help creative people move forward.

I've been involved in producing video and have learned a lot in this process. I'd like to share my knowledge with you. Yes, I'll charge for my services, but at an extremely reasonable price, within the budget of most people with creative endeavors. If you really struggling money-wise, we'll negotiate a price that works for both of us.

Services can be provided face to face or via Skype. So, it doesn't matter where you live.

If you need help in producing good videos for your promotion, email me at If your not sure you can swing it, email me anyway. Talking is free.

Type of Services Available

Video Editing
Consultation on setting up a low budget video studio
Correcting the color on you YouTube videos.

Setting up the best audio and/or lighting
Producing your Concert Window Show
Teaching simple video editing to make your videos look more professional
Consulting on proper lighting and audio

Other specific video tasks, such as syncing audio with the video..

Video Services

Ray Naylor