Ray Naylor

Ray Naylor has been writing songs since 1977 and performing since 1980. Within a year of playing at open mics, Ray opened for Charlie King and Judy Gorman Jacobs in the first concert sponsored by Swords into Plowshares, a local Philadelphia organization that produced concerts of progressive performers, such as Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, Richie Havens, and many others. There were 450 people at that concert. 

Ray continued to play, mostly at small venues, around the Philadelphia area. In 1997 Ray had the honor of playing at the Philadelphia Folk Festival in a songwriters’ workshop, along with Lucy Kaplansky, Dan Bern, David Olney, and Michel Jerling. Ray has continued to perform up to the present. He has also played on the Gene Shay Folk Show, both at WHYY-FM and WXPN-FM.

Ray Naylor has two CDs, Slow Cooker and No Shrink Wrap. Both CDs were produced by Daoud Shaw.

In addition to his own music, Ray has always helped other artists in a number of ways including managing three performing songwriters, hosting a number of open mics, introducing artists to the Philadelphia area and helping them become known in the area, publishing a newsletter on open mics, booked several venues, produced two concert series, and produced and hosted an internet radio program and two internet TV programs. Ray is also currently producing tutorials to help performing songwriters and other creative people to use video to promote their art.

Whether he is performing his own songs, helping other artists, or producing his own internet TV show, Ray Naylor believes in the power of music and does his little part in keeping good music in front of a listening audience. 

A post-script: Ray’s major influence has been Phil Ochs. Ever since he learned guitar in 1971, Ray has had a special passion to keep the music of Phil Ochs alive.